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October 15, 2007

Was the rebbe a Packers fan?

One of the most popular forms of entertainment during chol ha-moed pesach (intermediate days of Passover) in New York is going to Shea Stadium, or Yankee Stadium, depending on which team is at home. Last year, when I was saying kaddish for my father, I went to a Sunday afternoon game at Shea, and believe me, if I'd needed a mincha minyan, I'd have had no trouble finding one.

So it comes as only a little bit of a surprise that people are making such a big deal of this: "Have prayers and Packers, too / Orthodox Jews worship at Lambeau tailgate." (via Fark) I guess there aren't as many Jews in Green Bay as in New York, right?

The article notes that a Chabad rabbi organized a (kosher) tailgate party outside Lambeau Field, which wouldn't be too odd, and also that they also davened shacharit, which the other revelers found a little strange.

Nearby, a few fans wore blank expressions on their faces, unsure of what was going on. A couple of people snapped photos. And nobody noticed that among the group was former Packers offensive lineman Alan Veingrad, who is now known as Shlomo Veingrad.
There are photos at the link.