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October 25, 2007

Lay off the 'shrooms, dude!

I'm pretty sure I voted for Steve Forbes in the 1996 Republican primary. But the guy seems a bit odd these days.

Publisher Steve Forbes predicts that former vice president and recent Nobel laureate Al Gore will endorse New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's independent bid for president.

Bloomberg will return the favor by naming Gore his running mate, Forbes says.
(via HotAir, which quips in a headline, "Steve Forbes apparently suffering from some sort of head injury" * )

The whole idea is utterly ridiculous. You can't spell "real megalomaniac" without "Gore," and it's pretty obvious that the Goracle wouldn't accept the number 2 slot on a vanity ticket, the purpose of which wouldn't be to win but only to draw enough of a vote to alter the outcome of the two-party race. And how well could a ticket do with an egomaniac paired with a megalomaniac, anyway?

A few possible nicknames for such a ticket:
  • The Nanny and the Professor
  • No-Fat and Fat
  • The Inconvenient Twosome
  • Mike and the Mad Dog (with apologies to the radio team by that name)
I know Forbes has inherited wealth, but how could he have functioned financially with this kind of wild prognostication?

As for me, I'm left with the painful question: What the heck was I doing voting for Forbes in 1996? (Painful answer: Bob Dole.)


* It was a good day for quips at HotAir, which headlined this story "Coal miners encouraged to do more spelunking at home."