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October 10, 2007

That elephant

A few days ago, Bruce Godfrey of Crablaw emailed me with the new Republican National Convention logo asking rhetorically to itemize the reasons it was a crappy logo: "The most G-rated one is that the elephant should be red, not blue. PG-13 ones would include the elephant's 'wide stance' and the angle of the poor beast's rear end." (According to a correspondent to Best of the Web Today: "In heraldry the position of the elephant in the logo is called 'rampant.' It is one of a number of standard poses, and the most active one.")

For the record, here is the logo:

Well, Bruce, I want you to know that the current state of the Republican Party just isn't funny!

I thought of doing a photoshop, really I did, but when something isn't funny, it isn't funny. Here's the only thing that seemed appropriate to me, but it's way too close to the truth.

The only thing that would have been more accurate is a laughing Hillary sitting atop the deceased elephant's belly.

You won't be surprised to learn that other bloggers -- mostly self-styled "progressives," which is a term that means they've "progressed" from anger to pure hatred -- have taken up the photoshop cudgel. Here's one such site. Here's another that, sans photoshop, does itemize the reasons the logo is awful. (Bad language warning.)

Oh, well, if I can laugh at Bill and Hillary, I guess it's only fair for them to laugh at the Republican morons who came up with this thing.

UPDATE (10/11): The people at Fark do the photoshop much better. One even stole my idea. (Well, technically, he didn't steal it because he put it up a few days before, but at least great minds think alike.)