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July 31, 2006

Doing tricks

There's an outfit called One Hanes Place that sells, mostly, women's underwear. The curious thing is that if you check their catalog, you'll find two or three pages of men's underwear, too.

Well, perhaps not too curious. It certainly gives men an excuse to look at the catalog.

On a raunch scale of one to ten, where Frederick's of Hollywood (does that date me?) is a 9, Victoria's Secret an 8-1/2, and your basic black-and-white outdoor camping equipment catalog is a one, I would say One Hanes Place is about a 5.

But the recent catalog, which I looked at solely for the men's underwear, has a very funny page that I stumbled across while looking for the men's section.

Please note the copy at the top of this page -- which I've scanned and cropped because this is a family web site (assuming yours is a dysfunctional family). I still have no idea what the copy means.

Also, most of the models, while fairly heavily made up, don't have that men's magazine look on their faces. Some of them, in fact, look reasonably innocent.

The next model, though, seems quite ridiculous, as if she's surprised and embarrassed at being discovered in her current state of dress. I won't post the photo. You'll be stuck with this link to the photo, which is relatively SFW, unless you share an office with an angry feminist.

By the way, you'll notice that, to avoid the creeps who arrive here hoping to find photos of whatever, I've written this without using words like nude, naked, or bra.

UPDATE: If you count 8 drafts I've left on the cutting room floor, this is the 1000th post at Pillage Idiot. I don't have any idea of the significance of that fact.

UPDATE (8/1): Well, there we go. My first visitor based on a Blogger search for "nude photo." A Norwegian yet.

UPDATE (8/2): Another update in a separate post.

UPDATE (1/7/07): Yet another update.