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July 10, 2006

Another guy story

If the previous story about a "teen" who accidentally shot himself in the groin isn't enough guy-ness for you in one evening, I've got another, also via Fark.

A man broke into an auto salvage yard, apparently to steal an airbag and some rims, while his two accomplices waited outside.

Investigators speculate Panderodich was sifting through a pile of tires, when a discarded air bag went off. The explosion sent the tires tumbling, injuring Panderodich and knocking him out cold.
That's why, if you're a crook, you have accomplices. To help you out if something doesn't go quite right. Right?

Deputies said his two friends then ran away, leaving Panderodich unconscious in the salvage yard. Hours later, his friends called a third party, and she tipped off police. Panderodich was found just before noon Sunday and taken to the hospital.
The link has a short video clip from the TV news. All I can say is that the accomplices, who were arrested, don't look like the sharpest knives in the drawer.