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July 24, 2006

"I'm going to jail for sure"

All you have to know about this story (via Fark) comes from the opening paragraph:

A MAN who crashed his car into a sleeping couple's bedroom allegedly cracked open a beer after freeing himself from his crumpled sedan and declared: "I'm going to jail for sure."
I'll save you a little time. The article doesn't answer the obvious question: Whose beer? Did he open the couple's refrigerator, or did he just grab another beer from his own sixpack? Because it would be a great story if he emerged from his car and started raiding the couple's kitchen.

The real reason I'm not giving this story more attention is that it's actually not as good as a story my wife's friend told us. The friend and her husband were asleep upstairs one night, and a driver crashed his car into their living room. They called the police, who arrived while they were downstairs in their pajamas, inspecting the damage. The police officer seemed a little confused and demanded her husband's driver's license. Her husband replied (or wished he'd replied), "I'm sorry, officer. I was tired and lost control of the house."