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February 23, 2006

Trouble pinging Technorati

Blogger is supposed to ping Technorati automatically if you set your settings to notify of changes to your blog. Me, I've always found that I needed to ping Technorati manually. No big dealie; I don't post all that often.

But yesterday, things broke down. Manual pinging worked in the morning, but when I posted last night, no dice. Technorati still shows that I haven't updated in a day, despite my frantic multiple manual pings today.

Two questions:

1. For other Blogger bloggers: Do you have to ping Technorati manually, and, if not, what are you doing to make it happen automatically?

2. For anyone: Have you had similar trouble with pinging Technorati?

I've done a little research and there are some theories about this but none I've found helpful.

UPDATE (2/24): Whatever the problem was, it seems to have been resolved last night around midnight, when I was asleep. I do my best work when I'm asleep. If I had taken the advice that a couple of bloggers offered, it would have involved spending a couple of days fixing the code on my blog. Which would have been like those remote Pacific islanders who once were visited by men in airplanes bearing gifts and who later tried unsuccessfully to re-create the conditions that caused that visit.