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March 24, 2005

Rape Prevention Idea #1 - Keep the UN out of your country.

A Fox story titled "U.N. Report Offers Rape Prevention Ideas" describes a new United Nations report on sex abuse by peacekeepers:

"You cannot understate the value of peacekeeping and what it can bring to a society, so for that reason I think we must restore it," Prince Zeid al Hussein, Jordan's U.N. ambassador and the report's author, told The Associated Press.

Comment: If the AP accurately transcribed this quote, then I believe the Prince meant say, "You cannot overstate the value of peacekeeping..." but perhaps this was a Freudian slip on his part.
* * *

The task is especially troublesome because the United Nations does not want to risk offending nations that provide badly needed peacekeepers.

Comment: Let's see here. Troubled nations need peacekeepers in the first place because of a breakdown local law and order. So the UN is going to reduce these nations' troubles by importing more lawbreakers and rapists, whom the UN doesn't want to offend.
* * *

In the last several months, Zeid has discussed his proposals with nations that contribute the most troops - such as Pakistan, Morocco, Brazil and Bangladesh....

Comment: Did anyone at the UN bother to check the records of these countries on such matters a "rule of law", "human rights", and "women's rights" before sending their troops on peacekeeping missions?
* * *

Zeid set 2007 as a target date to complete many of his proposals.

Comment: Well, THAT news should certainly comfort all those women raped by UN peacekeepers between now and then.