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March 15, 2005

Guest blogging

In case you're wondering why there's now a second "contributor" listed to the right, let me explain. I have asked my friend, my faithful blog reader, and my former colleague (all three the same person) to guest blog for me for a few days over the next several weeks. He has chosen the blog name "fee simple," which seems rather odd to me, but who am I to talk about odd?

I expect that FS will be a perfect fit. He has similar political views to mine; he has a strange sense of humor; and he is good at finding the amusing and absurd in things. Although he is not a blogger himself, he has the necessary qualifications.

I am going to be away on business for about a day and a half on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Ordinarily, that would not be long enough to justify guest-blogging, but I have invited FS to get his start then. Next week and a couple of weeks later, I will be away for two or three days each time for family reasons. My father is receiving treatment for squamous cell carcinoma, and my siblings and I (plus my brothers-in-law) are taking turns driving him to the hospital. If any of my Jewish readers have an opportunity to say a mi she-bayrach for the holim, I would be very grateful. Here is his matronymic: Menachem Mendel ben Hinda Bluma. If my non-Jewish readers would like to say a prayer for the sick, too, I would be grateful for that as well.

Whether or not FS chooses to start guest-blogging this week, I am confident he will do me proud. Please welcome him.