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October 10, 2005

Miers in love

WARNING: This has nothing to do with the Pillage Idiot Advisory System, but it has a "Code Red" YUCCCKKKK!! alert attached to it. Read at your own risk.

Via Underneath their Robes -- truly a place you don't want to be, not the blog but their robes -- we learn that the L.A. Times has disclosed far too much information about the romantic life, past and present, of Harriet Miers.

Sure, the article's out there to counteract smirky speculation about a 60-year-old unmarried woman, but it's still YUCCCKKKK!!

Here's a key passage from UTR's description of the article:

The whole piece is exceedingly juicy, and you should read every scrumptious word. Here are just a few choice excerpts:
[F]or 30 years, Hecht and Miers — President Bush's Supreme Court nominee — have nurtured a kinship that has entranced and confounded their closest friends. They are traditional conservatives content in a modern, nontraditional relationship, one that leaves plenty of time for their true love, their work, to take center stage....

"I think they thought seriously about getting married," said Dallas commercial litigation attorney Brady Sparks, who lived across the hall from Hecht in law school and has been friends with Hecht and Miers ever since.
Very interesting! It seems like this rather conservative lawyer is part of a decidedly non-conservative relationship. Consider this comment from a friend of Harriet Miers:
Sharon Baird, a friend of Miers since they both played on the tennis team at Hillcrest High in Dallas, called Miers' life decisions "very European." Europeans "put a lot of emphasis on love and not so much on marriage," she said. "It's a New Age thing. Much like Oprah. She never married either."
Uh-oh... Harriet Miers is already no favorite of social conservatives. The news that she takes a "European" and "New Age"-ish approach to her love life, belonging to what President Clinton might have called a "non-traditional family," just can't be helpful.
To get the internal links, you'll just have to go to UTR. You know you can't help yourself.