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October 21, 2005

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  • An Alaska town installs an electric fence at its airport to keep moose off the runway. ("If they ever did come to the runway and have a collision with an aircraft, that could be disastrous to the pilot," Giddings said. "An airplane could disintegrate if it hits a moose.")
  • A South Carolina man stopped a carjacking by tossing a hot cup of coffee in the attacker's face, wrestling him to the ground, and taking his gun away.
  • From Australia: A fight between a man's girlfriend and his estranged wife (the former semi-nude) spills over into the front lawn, where the man (nude) joins them. The fight ends in tragedy, when the ex-wife dies a few days later. ("Mr Temiha said the woman in the G-string had a hand on the other woman's chest and was punching the woman in the face. He said the naked man pulled her off the woman, who got up and walked away. 'She staggered away, she was kind of dazed,' Mr Temiha said.")
  • This headline says all you need to know: "Couple Finds Pornographic Surprise On Used Video Game Card"