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June 05, 2007

London Olympics logo

This is the official logo for the London Olympics, 2012, about which Bryan Preston at Hot Air reasonably opined: "It might be the ugliest Olympic logo ever." I think it's supposed to represent "2012."

It's so bad that the Beeb has links to alternatives supplied by readers. More here.

It's so bad that one Hot Air commenter wrote, "Is it supposed to look like 2 dudes having sex?"

So, despite my lack of imagination and my even greater lack of time, I've decided to add my two cents, which is approximately equal to one British pence. Here is my work in progress. I think Abu Hamza should be carrying a sign of some sort in his craw, or possibly be holding the Olympic rings there. This'll have to do for now.

A couple of Hot Air commenters used "Londonistan," which is not bad, but I'm going to stick with London.