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June 14, 2007

Dream on

According to the latest asinine study, women dream about sex just as often as men do, about 8 percent. (via HotAir) The big difference, the study reports, is that:

Men's sex dreams were twice as likely to involve trysts with multiple partners, and were more likely to take place in public.

Women were twice as likely to dream about sex with public figures, according to the researchers.
I say this is asinine, because the frequency is obviously wrong. Men dream about sex roughly 100 percent of the time, not 8 percent. Women can't possibly dream about it that often. We already know that men think about sex every 52 seconds while they're awake, and women think about it once a day.

And if you're still in doubt about the study's validity, listen to the author: "'Observed gender differences may be indicative of different waking needs, experiences, desires and attitudes with respect to sexuality,' said Antonio Zadra, the study's author, in a press release." I could tell you what that is, but it would be more than a fleeting expletive.