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November 13, 2006

Walk, don't walk

Via Fark, we learn this: "A Spanish town council has vowed to banish sexism from street signage by demanding half of all road signs and traffic lights show female figures with skirts and ponytails."

Inspired by Fark's comment on this ("Boobies / Don't Boobies crosswalk signs expected to be a huge hit"), I thought I'd try to help the town council by doing a rough mock-up of a new walk / don't walk sign. If you look closely, you can imagine the skirts. Forget the ponytails. They're so passé.

Possibly related: The actual title of an article given on the cover of Sunday's Washington Post magazine was "How an F-cup created a woman of substance." (The title at the link is different and decidedly inferior.)

I urge you to be mature, and please do not do a search to see if a previous article in the Washington Post by the same author in July 2005 has a photo of her. That would be ridiculously juvenile. And you and I, in any event, only read the Post for the articles.