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November 22, 2006

Turkey terrorism reaches New Jersey

Do you realize how dangerous it is out there?

First, we have the Loudly Davening Imams, who claim they were just engaged in "normal evening prayers" when they were booted from a US Air flight -- assuming that normal evening prayer includes cursing "U.S. involvement with Saddam." I don't know about yours, but my normal evening prayers are limited to American energy policy, with an occasional nod to farm issues and the Fed's monetary policy.

Now, we have the so-called "terrorist turkeys" who tried to get on a commuter train at Ramsey, New Jersey, until they were unsanctimoniously kicked off, humiliating them in front of the other passengers. If you don't believe me, check out this security camera photo.

When these turkeys were kept off the train, they naturally became enraged. They held massive protests, leading to this headline, which I am absolutely not making up: "Car Crash Blamed On Turkeys."

The article says that "officials don't know if the birds are the same ones seen waiting on a Ramsey train station platform earlier Wednesday." But officials would say that. They think all turkeys are alike, and they have no clue at all about the difference between radical turko-fascists and moderate turkeys. I'll bet Dean Esmay does.

On MSNBC tonight, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper stated: "This is just another example of anti-Muslim bigotry. They're the Rosa Parkses of New Jersey." Asked to explain, Hooper added: "Turkey is a Muslim country. Coincidence? I think not."