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April 11, 2006

More European bra fears

It's very hard to imagine a guy writing a column about his underwear.

I mean, not including guys who write for GQ, it's very hard to imagine a guy writing a column about his underwear. And nobody reads GQ, anyway.

But some women seem to think it's empowering to write about theirs. Anna-Stina Nykänen writes a column in the Finnish journal Helsingin Sanomat called, in English, "The truth about bras."

When a woman ruminates about bras and their significance, you can be quite sure she'll say nothing interesting. They really ought to assign men to write about that subject.

Here's a typical observation in the column: "For once it was shown how different women really are, and I do not mean just the breasts - I mean ideals as well." And this: "I feel that every woman has the right to have a good bra." (You do! You do! Haven't you read the UN Convention on Rights in Undergarments?)

There's also the obligatory remark about how men just don't understand:

It is hard for a man to imagine how bothersome it is to try to hold a serious conversation, while constantly feeling the shoulder strap of the bra slip downwards. How is one supposed to fix it in a subtle manner? You can't just reach under your collar without completely losing credibility.
Which, as any man will tell you, is ridiculous. Has any woman had to rearrange her, uh, private region, without attracting attention, when her underwear got in a bunch. Huh? Ever try doing that while discussing the second-quarter earnings?

At the end, Ms. Nykänen leaves us with this deep thought: "A bra is part of being a woman, no matter what it holds." Perhaps. But a man is part of the future, no matter what it holds.

(via BOTWT)