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January 31, 2006

A few links about Hamas

I've always hated the State of the Union address, which is why I'm not watching it. The last one I watched was circa 1988, when Reagan tossed a huge continuing resolution on the table and said, Don't send me another one of these. It was theater; everyone knew he didn't mean it.

In fact, the last presidential speech I've watched was Bush's post-9/11 speech to Congress, of which I saw about half.

So since I'm not watching the SOTU (which is waaaaaay too close for comfort to STFU), I have a little time. One reader asked for photoshops of Hamas, which I don't plan to do, but I do have some links about Hamas, which I highly recommend.

Power Line explains why we should beware of a hudna from Hamas, a hudna being a temporary, strategy truce on the way to further battle.

Soccer Dad provides us with links to a great deal of commentary on Hamas, and even more on the Palestinian election.

Captain Ed notes his disgust with the Washington Post for giving prime op-ed space to an indicted terrorist offering a brief for Hamas.