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April 22, 2005

Cow-ifornia Dreaming

California Justices Decline 'Happy Cow' Suit

The Associated Press reports that:

The California Supreme Court is putting to pasture a lawsuit brought by an animal rights group alleging the California Milk Producers Advisory Board is falsely advertising that California's cows are happy.
* * *
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sued here in December 2002 alleging the board's advertising was false and misleading. The ads show cows grazing in green pastures with the slogan, "Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California."
* * *
The animal rights group said it may never be known whether cows are happy, but said cows live in deplorable conditions, are repeatedly milked and impregnated before being slaughtered.
Does PETA have any evidence that California cows are NOT happy? Relaxing all day in sunny green pastures sounds more pleasant than being cooped up in a cubicle or flying in business class breathing stale air.

Besides, is PETA the "real party in interest" in this case?

One would think that the cows themselves should be allowed to sue the Milk Producers Advisory Board. With four legs rather than two, the cows could be said to have more "standing" than the human plaintiffs.

Hat tip: Freerepubilc