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April 11, 2005

Attila weeps

My guest blogger, fee simple, alerts me to this important news item about my namesake Attila the Hun's descendants.

It seems that in Hungary, the wussy descendants of Attila the Hun, Scourge of God, are petitioning the government for status as an ethnic minority, the apparent goal being financial grants given to minorities. Listen to the way they describe themselves in this politically correct world:

Hungary's modern-day Huns say they are far-removed from the ancient image of rape and pillage acquired when they swept across parts of Europe.

"Today's Huns are peaceful and gentle . . . we have nothing to do with bloodshed or bows and arrows," said Gyorgy Kisfaludy who describes himself as the high priest of the Huns.
Oy! If Attila the Hun were alive, he'd been turning over in his grave.

But fear not! Western Civilization has embraced the Hun: "Hungary has a Hun theme park in which the owner says Attila's burial mound is located and the noble Esterhazy family traced its roots to the Hun." A theme park! With Attila's burial mound and everything! And you can probably watch the poor old Hun turning over inside it.