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December 07, 2004

Requiem for Allah

Of course, I'm referring to the blogger -- former blogger -- Allah, not to the deity.

Fans of the blog Allah is in the House, which has been largely silent for two months, sadly will have to get on with their lives. Allah appeared today in a thread at protein wisdom and made it clear he's not returning, other to make an endorsement in the 2004 Weblog Awards vote (alas, not for me, and in a totally different category with real blogs). Allah linked to a comment he posted at American Digest in which he explained what led him to abandon his blog. Both the original post and Allah's comment are worth reading. (Incidentally, in case it wasn't obvious, I fall into the group of bloggers with no pretentions of journalism who are "content to spout off into the void while the medium leaves them behind.")

Although Allah played a large role in the unmasking of the fraudulent documents used by Dan Rather on 60 Minutes, I will remember him most for the many times he made me spit my drink out my nostrils. In loving memory of a master Photoshop artist and talented writer and humorist, I will provide a link to my all-time favorite Allah Photoshop, a series in which Kerry struggled with his decision picking a running mate.