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December 09, 2004

Diversity on campus

At George Washington University in D.C., a potential scandal was avoided when the university reprogrammed its cable TVs so that CNN, and not Fox News, was showing at the student center. The student newspaper reports. You decide.

Televisions in the Marvin Center were tuned back to CNN this week after airing Fox News in what GW officials called a "mix-up."

Michael Peller, managing director of the Marvin Center, said the temporary switch to Fox News switch was due to human error because the cable company that serves the Marvin Center changed the channel number assigned to CNN, and then assigned CNN's old number to Fox News.

Some students said they were angered the University would air a station they thought was overtly biased. The station, which primarily features conservative analysts, has been criticized by liberals for pandering to the Republican Party."

Personally I think it is disrespectful to air a news broadcast specifically supportive of one party," freshman Rory Kraus said. "We are a diverse group of students. A network broadcast should cater to all students. An appropriate station would have been CNN."

Stan Dai, senior editor at the GW Patriot, a conservative newsmagazine, said CNN reporters don't understand that some people oppose liberal issues like gay marriage and joked that some people call it the "Clinton News Network."

Dai said Fox News commentary shows such as "The O'Reilly Factor" are not unbiased, but Fox is a "legitimate news organization" with objective reporting.