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November 19, 2006

Theme park of the future

I've spent a few minutes thinking seriously about this issue, and I've concluded that the most absurd subject matter possible for a theme park would have to be genitalia. Certainly, it's in the top five. And especially if it's in a town where there are no public sewers and people relieve themselves outdoors.

But the good news is that it will surely become a major tourist attraction -- and there won't be long lines for the bathrooms.

Here's the photo that accompanied the article:

The caption reads: "A woman plays with her son at the Central plaza in Huayre, Peru on Monday, Nov. 6, 2006. Now the occasional visitor is surprised to find in the central plaza a 65-foot (20-meter)-high purple-colored replica of the maca root, a tuber traditionally consumed as an aphrodisiac, and, nearby, a sculptured phallus rising from a vagina-shaped wading pool." (via Fark)

You might think this display of male and female genitalia could be educational for a young boy like the one in the photo, but consider the fact that the phallus appears to be emerging out of the inside of the vagina. This could lead the boy to flunk middle-school health class and become the butt of many jokes.

A possibly related story: Some years ago, my parents had a tenant who was injured in an accident near the house. She was taken to the emergency room, where my mother soon arrived to try to help out. The tenant asked my mother to call her employer (the tenant's employer, that is) to let them know she wouldn't be in the next day. My mother asked who her employer was, and the tenant told her it was an outfit called "The Erotic Baker." As you might imagine, this outfit sold baked goods that strongly resembled certain body parts. My mother reported to us that the doctors and nurses who were standing around were all trying hard not to laugh.