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December 31, 2008

Home furnishings we can believe in

From the ridiculous to the merely tacky.

Today, it's not the plastic surgery industry that's seeking to profit from the Messiah's election; it's the home furnishings industry.

Last night, I was on the Metro platform at Gallery Place and noticed two large banners hanging from the balcony (the mezzanine, in Metro-speak). Two large banners in yellowish-gold reading "Embrace Change." I walked up a little closer to see what the fine print said, and it turned out they were ads for IKEA. Yes, IKEA, the furniture outfit.

In my search this morning, I haven't found anything about this ad campaign, but I wrote down the URL last night, and here's the campaign's website.

"Where do you stand on domestic policy?" it asks. "Speak out and let the president know your suggestions for fiscally responsible home furnishings." Very cute.

Also: "Enter your email to be updated when the Oval Office planner is up and running to make your voice heard!"

OK, I'll make my voice heard now. This is almost as tacky as the Obama camp's solicitation of money in a lottery for tickets to the inauguration. (At least IKEA is a commercial enterprise. I mean, at least IKEA is a self-described commercial enterprise.)