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December 09, 2007

Looking around for a bargain, perhaps?

The Baltimore Sun headline says it: "Wife shopped around for killer, court papers say." (via Fark)

This took place in Kevin Dayhoff's neck of the woods -- Westminster, Maryland.

For weeks, Kevin Gates lived with the fear that his wife was trying to have him killed.

But he feigned ignorance.

"I did my very best to make her think I had no clue, because I wanted to catch her in this," said Gates, 43, of Westminster. "Any fear that I would have had was just [overridden] by anger."

The pretense ended Tuesday, when state police arrested Mary L. Gates, 46, saying she offered to pay an undercover trooper $6,000 to kill her husband.

She had provided a photograph of Kevin Gates, as well as a handwritten note with the UPS deliveryman's schedule and route to work, according to court documents.
The odd thing is that he was still living with the woman, but at least he had a good sense of the person.
Although he hadn't anticipated she would go so far, Kevin Gates said, he wasn't "extremely surprised" by his wife's alleged plotting.

"She's greedy, she's very self-centered, and when she doesn't get her way, she becomes very vindictive," he said. "She's like a little spoiled child."
Here's my marriage tip of the day: If it wouldn't surprise you that your wife was considering hiring a hit man to bump you off, you may be married to Ruthann Aron.

Only kidding. But you have to admit that the guy's got a really large issue in his marriage that counseling probably wouldn't help.

Now, I hope you'll click through to the article, because it begins with a large photo of a large and very scary woman.

And the L. in her name stands for Lucretia, which is perhaps a very apt middle name.