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November 06, 2007

Wedgie 2.0

I once wrote "A lexicographical wedgie," describing the addition of the word "wedgie" to Webster's dictionary. But that's nothing.

Check this from Ace: "An Age of Miracles And Wonders: Kids Invent Wedgie-Proof Underwear." Go to the link and check out the video of the two 8-year-old inventors on Fox News.

And on the same subject, at Gizmodo:

The quotes by the kids are the best part of this video, laced with lament and hope deeper than we could expect from youngsters: "When someone gives you a wedgie, it hurts, and when we made wedgie proof underwear, it won't hurt anymore." Cheer up kid, you'll get fewer wedgies as you age towards your nobel peace prizes for these things.
Trouble is, as one of Ace's commenters points out:
Unfortunately once these dorks have been given a wedgie and their breakaway undies are pulled off, those undies will be shown to every other kid in the school as a trophy of their humiliation. A normally 5 minute embarrassing event will be transformed into a chapter in school pwning history.
Now, if they could only invent tear-away underwear for, uh, adult women. It's called empowerment.