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December 02, 2004

2004 Weblog Awards poll

Pillage Idiot is a finalist in the 2004 Weblog Awards in the category Best of the Rest of the Blogs (6750+). The "6750+" refers to the blog's status in the TTLB Ecosystem. It's a measure ranking blogs in order of linkage and traffic. So when the category says "Best of the Rest," it means we're the bottom-dwelling scum-suckers of the blogosphere.

That said, I'm flattered to have been nominated (self-nominated, I should say) and I absolutely will not make any pitch for you, my loyal readers, to vote for Pillage Idiot. Absolutely, no pitch. None. I'm amazed that some people have already voted for Pillage Idiot without even being prompted. I'm humbled.

The rules on voting are found here. Basically, you can vote once a day in each poll category, and no cheating is allowed. The Kerry campaign may or may not challenge the results, but I have full confidence in the process.

While you're at the polls, check out the other categories and vote to reward the many fine bloggers out there.